Using Visual Studio IDE

You can build and run T-applications also in habitual Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE).
  1. Start Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010 or Visual C++ Express 2008/2010.
  2. Create a new project. In the "New Project" dialog there is an item "OpenTS console application" that allows to create a T++ application project.

  3. Now that empty project is created you can add source files to it. It can be done in the "Add New Item" dialog by choosing an item "T++ file".

  4. When a new T++ project is created a default source file main.tpp is added to it. Building a T++ project is as trivial as hitting F7.

A custom build rule ("%VCINSTALLDIR%VCProjectDefaultsopents.rules") is applied to every T++ source file during T-application build in Visual Studio IDE. This build rule uses command script 't++.bat'. Object modules produced by this rule are then linked together with several static libraries to produce T-application executable.